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Facebook won’t take any action on Trump’s post about shootings in Minnesota

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And News Corp CEO Robert Thomson Debut Facebook News

Facebook will not remove or take any other action on a President Trump post that Twitter removed for “glorifying violence,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Friday. “I know many people are upset that we’ve left the President’s posts up, but our position is that we should enable as much expression as possible unless it will cause imminent risk of specific harms or dangers spelled out in clear policies,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook “looked very closely at the post that discussed the protests in Minnesota,” Zuckerberg said, “to evaluate whether it violated our policies.” Ultimately, the company “decided to leave it up because the National Guard references meant we read it as a warning about state action, and we think people need to know if the…

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A new TikTok clone hit the top of the App Store by paying users to watch videos

TikTok has a new competitor: Zynn, a nearly button-for-button clone of TikTok that differentiates itself with one key twist — it pays users to sign up, watch videos, and convince others to follow suit. The app launched at the beginning of May, and as Mashable noticed, it’s now the number one free app in Apple’s App Store and in the top 10 on Google’s Play Store, too.

Zynn is fully a TikTok clone. The core interface is identical, and both are oriented around watching short portrait-orientation videos. The big distinction is a countdown timer with a dollar sign in the middle that hovers over every video on Zynn. As you watch videos, the timer fills up and gives you points, which you’re supposed to be able to redeem later as cash or gift…

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Leaked posts show Facebook employees asking the company to remove Trump’s threat of violence

Illustration by Alex Castro / Th

Facebook’s decision not to take action against recent posts about mail-in ballots and the Minnesota protests by President Trump is roiling employees, some of whom are calling on executives to reconsider their stance. In response to an internal post explaining the company’s rationale, some employees criticized the company’s neutral posture.

“I have to say I am finding the contortions we have to go through incredibly hard to stomach,” one employee wrote in a comment about the shooting post. “All this points to a very high risk of a violent escalation and civil unrest in November and if we fail the test case here, history will not judge us kindly.”

On Tuesday Twitter labeled two tweets about mail-in voting as “potentially misleading” for…

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SpaceX loses another Starship prototype in massive explosion

A screengrab from SPadre’s livestream of the engine test | Image: SPadre

A fourth prototype of SpaceX’s next generation Starship rocket exploded right after a test at the company’s south Texas test site on Friday. Shortly after SpaceX ignited the engine on the test rocket, a massive fireball engulfed the vehicle in flames, leaving very little hardware still standing and apparently causing damage to the test site.

The failed test comes just a day before SpaceX is set to perform an unrelated launch for NASA that will send two astronauts to the International Space Station. That historic mission will take place out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, on SpaceX’s workhorse Falcon 9 rocket, which has flown more than 100 times before.

While the failure of the Starship prototype is not linked to the upcoming NASA mission,…

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The United States will cut ties with the World Health Organization, says President Trump

President Trump Delivers Remarks On Protecting Seniors With Diabetes

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The United States will terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), President Trump said in a press conference today.

“China has total control over World Health Organization,” Trump said. “We have detailed to them the reforms that they must make and engaged with them directly but they have refused to act.”

Trump had previously frozen funding to the WHO, claiming that the organization bowed to pressure from China and was overly trusting on their early information about the spread of the coronavirus. He also took issue with the WHO’s criticism of travel bans.

Still, severing ties with the organization is a drastic step. Experts say that if the US severs ties with the WHO, there could be catastrophic consequences to…

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